Miracle Valley Training Center

Help save the historic A. A. Allen ‘Miracle Revival Training Center’ property.

The historic “Miracle Revival Training Center” which housed a church, Bible school, publishing house, record label and more over the years is a property that has been greatly used by God since first established in 1958.

We will be acquiring the property and want your help to ensure it can be restored without delay.

Several on our team are direct descendants of A. A. Allen who founded the town and grew his globally renown ministry there. We can’t imagine who else would pour the same love and attention into preserving and restoring this legendary piece of cultural and spiritual heritage for today and future generations.

Tabernacle Render

The first prophetic word over Miracle Valley when it was established in 1958, was that people would come from the North, South, East and West to meet God in a new way, then go out from there to the ends of the earth bringing revival wherever they go. You can learn about the history here.

Our vision remains the same as A. A. Allen had, “to make it an oasis in the desert”, where people could be equiped to go out and impact the world. We’re working to make this historically significant property an Oasis Center which can serve groups and individuals across Arizona and beyond as a training center, while being a blessing to the local community with a local church at a center of it all.

Imagine bringing your group to this place with such deep heritage! There is great need for facilities like this in the region. We’ll additionally create jobs and opportunities along with the facilities (accommodation, meeting rooms, food, sports and swimming) for everyone to benefit from. We’ll be able to create positive purpose for the property in this fresh season, which can positively impact all who come from near and far.

Quick Facts

  • 37.5 acre property
  • 11 key historic buildings remain
  • 2,500+ seat auditorium and prayer tower
  • Cafeteria building
  • Dorms, apartments and RV facilities
  • Healing rooms, classrooms and study hall
  • Existing water and road infrastructures
  • All able to be saved and need urgent restoration

Who will benefit from the Oasis Center?

Christian & Business Groups

Groups will be able to book and come for conferences, and retreats for mens groups, womens groups, church families and more.

Local Community

We’ll open the doors to our facilities for locals to enjoy and use a portion of our annual proceeds to help with practical needs of the community.

History Enthusiasts

A. A. Allen, Pentecostal revival and Miracle Valley history enthusiasts will be welcomed to our heritage research center to learn and grow.

Oasis Center facilities we’ll build and restore.

Infographic Render of Center
Render of Center

Oasis Center will have a variety of activities and resources for all including…

You can partner with us to make this vision a reality and in doing so, preserve a significant piece of Christian history. View our presentation below to learn more. Prayerfully consider what you can give and who you can share this with.

Training Center Updates

County Vote To Give $70K Towards Miracle Valley Cleanup

County Vote To Give $70K Towards Miracle Valley Cleanup

Today several of us spoke up on behalf of the will of the people to request that Cochise County Board of Supervisors NOT grant funds for "cleanup" and demolition of buildings on the historic Miracle Valley Training Center (also known as Miracle...

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Miracle Valley Property To Remain In State Ownership For Now

Miracle Valley Property To Remain In State Ownership For Now

The auction for the historic A. A. Allen Miracle Valley Bible College property concluded with no sale after three bidders backed out without payment. The County of Cochise who are managing the property for the State of Arizona, held a meeting to...

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Training Center Property Now

See ‘History‘ for how the town of Miracle Valley, Arizona and ‘Miracle Valley Estates’ was founded and grew and became globally recognized along with the ministry, publishing house, record label, Bible college, church, agricultural farm, dairy, cattle and horse ranch, there under A. A. Allen from 1958.

Over the past 50+ years since that thriving period, the Miracle Valley ministry base property has been owned by a variety of groups and individuals unrelated to A. A. Allen. Some have split and sold portions of the land. Some have tried to restore it on their own. The property has deteriorated over the decades without the maintenance and care it needs.

37.54 acres with all the key ministry base buildings on it, are available for us to acquire and restore. These include the 2,500+ seat tabernacle and prayer tower, classrooms, dorms, cafeteria, RV trailer space, land and more!

The county are currently stewarding the property for Arizona State after a previous owner failed to pay property taxes. In 2023 they tried to demolish most of the buildings but our team and community successfully thwarted their plans. We have a solid solution which will bring jobs, opportunities and facilities to the community while preserving this amazing property and giving opportunity for groups and individuals to benefit. Thanks to our hard work in 2023, the property has been deemed eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places as a historic district! It’s a national gem which needs a lot of care and we’re ready to make it happen. In 2024 the county will give us opportunity to acquire the property. 

We’re aware of the challenges. Our team has family members who learned the trade of building churches because of this very property. It’s something we’re experienced to handle and have the passion and ability to do with your support. Now is the time to save this property before the buildings are beyond repair. This is something we can all participate in together.

Here is drone footage a few years ago and photos showing how the property looks more recently.

Restoration Timeline

God spoke to Rebekah (Allen) Jones (our organization leader) in 2022. He said, “it’s time to take the land and recover all”. That’s what we’re doing and we need your help! 

Consider what it would mean if your child or grandchild could stay at a property which would help them encounter God, realize what He is capable of and be equipped to serve Him in a greater way. Sow into that vision and let’s do this together!

Our team of skilled experts have poured over the realistic numbers to fully acquire, restore, improve and build so we’re able to save this property and give it a new season which enables connection, growth and impact.

Below is a more detailed breakdown of the four phases we’re working through, to bring this training center property to full restoration, being open once again!

Protect & Acquire

Phase 1

  • Raise $3.6M
  • Stop demolition
  • Legal work
  • Historic designation
  • Fundraising
  • Build team
  • Acquire property
Infrastructure & Preservation

Phase 2

  • Raise $7.8M
  • Tabernacle Exterior
  • Historic Preservation
  • Sitework
  • Infrastructure
  • RV Hookup Grounds
Facilities & Heritage Center

Phase 3

  • Raise $6M
  • In Prayer Tower & Foyer
  • Cafeteria
  • Meeting Hall
  • Residences
  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Heritage Center
Accommodation & Recreation

Phase 4

  • Raise $5.6M
  • Dormitories
  • Activity Buildings
  • Tabernacle Interior
  • Pool House & Cafe
  • Recreation & Swimming
  • Event Barn
  • Landscaping
  • Community Garden
  • Prep For Opening
Opening Day!
  • Thank you for helping us open the doors to the training center once again.

Sow Into The Vision

We need people, businesses and organizations with faith to partner with us financially. Be one of those who give before we enter the promised land and watch God pour out a blessing that none of us can contain! We rely on monthly partnship to keep our ministry happening. Your one-time gifts enable us to do great exploits for God!

Monthly Oasis Partnership

Partner with us as we build all God has in store for the Oasis Center.

One-Time Giving

Support our vital work with a one-time gift.

Legacy Giving

Talk to us about how you can leave a legacy for the next generation.


Start or join an online fundraiser today to help raise awareness and giving to the Oasis Center.

Miracle Valley Oasis Center