Who We Are

We’re creating something which takes a wide array of skills and experience. It’s much bigger than a few people. We’re a growing team with generations of experience in a range of necessary skills with even more working behind the scenes. We believe God has given us skills and minds to use for His purposes. We love to help people connect with God and each other, so they can positively impact the world around them. Our team is passionate to purchase the historic Bible college property in Miracle Valley, Arizona to create an Oasis Center which can serve churches, groups, businesses, families and individuals.

Some of us are related to A. A. Allen who founded the town of Miracle Valley and grew his world renowned Christian ministry in the 1950s-60s at the heart of it. We care about this community deeply and this property we’re seeking to protect, purchase and preserve means more to us than possibly anyone. This property is the inheritance of Christians across the world. It is historically significant and we have a solid solution for how to preserve it and make it useful for God’s mandate today! We’re generously giving towards the vision and hope you’ll join us!

Board of Directors

President &
Executive Director

Rebekah (Allen) Jones  (Steve’s daughter), is a 5th generation Christian minister who has served the vision of some incredible non-profits, churches, businesses and individuals over the years, before starting her own ministry where for many years she’s served tens of thousands around the world. She has decades of experience honing a wide array of skills including extensive public speaking, large-scale fundraising, event planning, online marketing, product development and leading teams of employees and volunteers to achieve big goals. Rebekah has been a prolific writer and historian for over 20 years with a focus on Christian history and is a leading expert on A. A. Allen and Miracle Valley. She thrives on helping people live fully in their calling and is deeply committed to working and leading with authenticity and integrity. 


Daniel Jones (Rebekah’s husband), is a digital marketing specialist who has led departments at global digital agencies, leading teams and working with international brands, non-profits and businesses. He has won awards, been published, and grown multiple six figure revenue streams for his clients by helping them with scale-able marketing strategies. His unique ability to tackle big-picture strategy and his reliability make him an asset to the sustainability and growth of organizations he works with. It’s not uncommon to find Dan sharing his faith and laughter with those he meets. 


Steve Allen (A. A. Allen’s oldest grandson) is a 3rd generation Christian minister who spent his childhood in Miracle Valley, Arizona and learned construction from his dad James, who was responsible for building much of Miracle Valley in the 1950s- 60s when the town was established. He has decades of experience in full-time large-scale pastoral ministry and in constructing multi-million dollar building complexes for churches and organizations, leading hundreds of volunteers and employees while overseeing construction which comes in under-budget every time. (Examples are the Mannahouse domes in Portland, OR and Embassy of Heaven in Yuba City, CA.) Watch Steve’s story to get to know him more.

Advisory Committee

Alongside the board, we’ve got a growing Advisory Committee who can help us achieve our mission and vision with clarity, sensibility, compliance and integrity.

Historical Advisor

Paul Asa Allen (A. A. Allen’s namesake son), had a front-row seat to watching the town of Miracle Valley, Arizona be founded by his parents in 1958 when he was just 16 years old. As a professional photographer, he documented much of the ministry as it boomed during the healing revival in the 1960s. He understands first-hand what it takes to run a successful and large-scale ministry and non-profit organization. Paul is one of the only experts on the history of Miracle Valley and of the A. A. Allen Revivals Inc. ministry. He is an invaluable asset to advise our team as we seek to honor the legendary history of this property, while we give it a new chapter. You may recognize Paul from his book, “In The Shadow of Greatness – Growing Up Allen”. 

Finance Advisor

Eric D. Weedon has 30 years of experience in the field of Investment/Portfolio Management, Finance, & Non-profit management. He is an Assistant Professor of Business at Arizona Christian University. His financial services experience includes leading customer service, sales & compliance. During his career, Eric was a Registered Principle holding 6 FINRA licenses & the Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS) designations. Eric has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and an M.B.A. in Finance. He is passionate about showing non-profits how they can achieve the balance between money and vision. Eric is married in Surprise, Arizona, with five adult children. He has an extensive background in missions work and served on staff at YWAM for several years. He has been a sound engineer for well-known ministries, missionaries, renowned recording artists, and worship leaders such as Compassion to Action, Jesus Culture, Sean Feucht and Loren Cunningham.

Business & HR Advisor

Briana Foudray has extensive experience in human resource, business consulting, strategic advisory, operations, people development and administration. She is a successful entrepreneur with experience in both corporate and small business. Starting in the staffing industry, she gained insight into the inner working of numerous businesses, large and small. After a decade of working in this industry and becoming the youngest Regional Operational Manager for a nationwide company, Briana left corporate America to run an interior design business and then started a general contracting company with her husband, Brad where they reside in Phoenix, Arizona. Briana is a mom of five daughters, “Mimi” of three grandchildren, and has homeschooled much of the time while running multiple businesses. She loves connecting with Jesus and relaxing in the mountains.

Ministry Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are amazing Godly people across America who we trust to represent our team in supporting the vision we believe God has given. Some are local to Miracle Valley, some are former staff and associates of A. A. Allen and others are supporting from afar. We are blessed that God is bringing Ministry Abassadors to help us partner with God’s vision for this time and place.

Dr. Alfred & Nancy Hall

Rick & Rachel Waterbury

Harry & Janet Wells

Ron & Kim Moen

Jason & Stephanie McNutt

Christy Isley

Miracle Valley Oasis Center