We are devastated to learn that county officials are currently quickly taking bids to demolish A.A.Allen’s tabernacle at the Miracle Valley Bible College in several weeks!

As Allen’s great-granddaughter, I am moved to action and am currently traveling from England to Arizona, to mobilize teams to take action in stopping this before it is too late!

Right now I urgently need your help in two ways…

1. Visit this link for more info on how to contact the public officials, key dates, email and more: miraclevalleyoasiscenter.org/latest

2. Please pray with us and take action with us. Share this post publicly to spread the word with anyone who can help.

This could be the last chance to take action in fighting against the cultural and spiritual loss of this historic property which was built by A. A. Allen and who impacted countless people across generations! Join us in expecting and taking action for this miracle!

Miracle Valley Oasis Center