History & Heritage

Healing Revival

The Christian ‘Healing Revival’ swept across America and beyond in the 1950’s and 1960’s after Oral Roberts, William Branham, Kathryn Kuhlman and others paved the way in the 1940’s. Revival leaders like A. A. Allen, Jack Coe and more would pitch their tents in cities to welcome multitutes to experience the power and presence of God in action. Gordon Lindsay recorded the wide-spread revival in his Voice of Healing magazine. Countless people were saved, healed and delivered by God.

A. A. Allen

Asa A. Allen (also known as ‘A. A. Allen’ or ‘AAA’), was a fiery pentecostal salvation and healing evangelist who helped countless multitudes find God as he demonstrated God’s power to heal body, mind and spirit. His flamboyant personality made him a popular figure in Christianity which Time and Look magazine, as well as newspapers across the world documented. Allen’s daily radio show and weekly TV airing to millions of people across America was the country’s first regular Christian programing and set the precedent for future broadcasting.

By 1955 A. A. Allen had his own monthly Miracle Magazine detailing what God was doing under his “Big Top”, the worlds largest tent seating 20,000 multiple times each day. 

He was instrumental in helping start the civil rights movement, refusing to segregate races, even when equality was illegal. This was despite regular threats of arrest.

Allen’s courageous stance against injustice paved the way for others, such as Martin Luther King, Jr.

He introduced the Navajo Indian nation to Christ which is thriving with God today. His missionary work abroad is still felt in several nations. American culture and Christian faith was profoundly impacted by Allen’s ministry and life. 

Miracle Valley

In 1958 A. A. Allen founded Miracle Valley, Arizona after 1,250 acres of land were donated to be used for the ministry. He purchased more for a total of 2,400 acres to develop the ministry and town.

The property became an oasis in the Arizona desert, where people met and connected with God and each other, as they sought to do great things for Him throughout the world.

Allen’s 50+ books, studies, tracts and other publications were produced on the ministry base property, along with the Miracle Revival Recordings vinyl records with gospel singing, sermons, healings and deliverance. His publishing house in Miracle Valley produced 55 million literature pieces annually.

By the time A. A. Allen passed in 1970, his ministry had a thriving Bible college in Miracle Valley, (which was one of the only in America at the time). His ministry base hosted tens of thousands each year and the town was a thriving community with active post office.

In the mid 1960’s A. A. Allen created “This Is Miracle Valley”, a video to invite people to visit. Below are some clips from the original if you’d like to learn more.

Historic Preservation

Rebekah (Allen) Jones led our team and friends in April-May 2023 to force Cochise County to consult with the Arizona State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO) on the historicity of the “Miracle Valley Bible College” property due to their desire to demolish a majority of the buildings. This led to SHPO determining the property is eligible for listing in the Arizona and National Registers of Historic Places which required the property to be sold “as is” without demolishing any buildings or doing any further work on the property prior to sale.

Below is the documentation submitted to SHPO which led to their determination attached on the final page. The submitted documentation is copyrighted, please contact us for permission if you wish to use any of its content.

Miracle Valley Oasis Center