BIG day tomorrow, Tues May 9th for the Miracle Valley property!

Cochise county Board of Supervisors (BOS) have 2 meetings you should know about and attend if possible…


I (A. A. Allen‘s great-grandaughter) will be giving a Call To The Public speech at the beginning of the meeting. Anyone also wishing to express your concerns for the future of this property may do so if you submit a public speaker form prior to the start of the meeting. This is a max of 3 minutes per person.


The future of the property will be discussed specifically regarding if they should proceed with demolition. No-one may speak from the public, but anyone may attend. We hope as many as possible will show up to make known respectfully how much we care about the future of this historic property. Currently they are consulting with the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office and this makes it against the law for any action to be taken on the property at this time. This meeting is where staff and BOS will formulate opinions and determine if they should demolish prior to sale at whatever time in the future they may be free to do so.

Please consider joining us for one or both of the meetings if you can. I will be reminding the BOS of their responsibility to historic properties within their jurisdiction and their opportunity to sell the property to our organization Miracle Valley Oasis Center. If you believe we can help, please consider coming and making this known along with your concerns for the future of this property.


Miracle Valley Oasis Center