We need your help, NOW!

The historic 1950s-60s Miracle Valley, Arizona headquarters of evangelist A. A. Allen is at risk this Tuesday, March 12, 2024 of being demolished and lost forever. Our organization is ready to purchase and restore this important property and this is an illegal decision for them to make.

1.Sign the petition, share with friends: miraclevalleyoasiscenter.org/petition

Each signature will cause an email to be sent with a copy of your signed petition to Cochise County public officials and staff responsible for decisions being made regarding the property and its future.


2. Make the public officials aware of your desire for them to NOT demolish the “Miracle Valley Bible College” and to STOP “cleaning” the property immediately.

3. Attend the meeting Tuesday, March 12, 10am (Arizona time) in person, or online, or phone

We need people to show up in person to make a strong impression.

We need LOTS of people to speak up to oppose “cleaning the property and demoltion of buildings” in person, online or by phone. You get three minutes to share. You MUST fill out the speaker form before 8am Tuesday, (2 hours before the meeting starts).

Attend the meeting (and please sign up to speak!):

In person:1415 MELODY LANE, BUILDING G, BISBEE, AZ 85603

Online (Microsoft Teams)

By Phone: 602-609-7513 or 888-680-6714, Conference ID 465 375 904#

Full meeting details here.

Contact us if you have any questions, or skills to offer.

Cochise County Board of Supervisors and Director of Development last year after discussions of demolition and turning the the Miracle Valley Training Center (aka Miracle Valley Bible College) property into a jail, decided to sell the property as is.

They set an auction date and we felt God tell us to withdraw from the process because they property will come to us another way and time. After the auction in September with three bidders who bid heavily but did not come forward with funds, the Cochise County Board of Supervisors realized they need to introduce an ernest payment requirement to remove ability for bad actors and time wasters messing with the process.

They decided to hold onto the property until a future auction later this year and once again want to discuss demolition and “cleaning” of the buildings to “prepare them for development by future owners”. Thursday they held a work session about the property (without legally required public notice) to discuss the future of the property once again.

In May 2023 the Arizona State Historic Preservation Office made an official determination that the Miracle Valley Training Center (aka Miracle Valley Bible College) property, with all it’s buildings in their current state, to be eligible for listing as historic district on the National Register of Historic Places.

A.R.S. 41-862 states, “In cooperation with the state historic preservation officer, each state agency shall establish a program to locate, inventory and nominate to the Arizona register of historic places all properties that are under the agency’s ownership or control and that appear to meet the criteria for inclusion on the register.  Each state agency shall exercise caution to assure that the property is not inadvertently transferred, sold, demolished, substantially altered or allowed to deteriorate significantly.  The state historic preservation officer shall include the performance of state agencies in initiating and satisfying the programmatic management of historic properties in the annual report to the legislature and the governor as provided in section 41-151.20.”

This statute applies to this property and Cochise County who are caring for the property on behalf of Arizona State. It is illegal for them to have been “cleaning” the buildings and is illegal for them to demolish these historic buildings.

The Board of Supervisors vote Tuesday March 12, 2024 on whether to spend $70,000 in tax dollars to “prepare” the property for auction by demolishing the church auditorium, bath house and dorms, as well as continue “cleaning the property” (which already led to the collapse of the roof of both dorms, thus prompting this request for demolition).

We need your help! We need your friends help. NOW. Pray. Act now. This is critical.

Miracle Valley Oasis Center