We empower people to make a positive impact on the world, by providing facilities and resources which help them connect and grow with God and each other.

We have a passion to see the historic Miracle Valley property used by God. As several on our team are direct descendants of A. A. Allen who founded the town and grew his globally renoun ministry there, we cannot imagine who else would pour the same love and attention into protecting, preserving and re-purposing this legendary piece of cultural and spiritual heritage for today and future generations.

Tabernacle Render

The original vision over Miracle Valley when it was established was that people would come from the North, South, East and West to meet God in a new way, then go out from there to the ends of the earth bringing revival wherever they go.

Our similar yet fresh vision is to make this historically significant property an Oasis Center which can serve groups and individuals across Arizona and beyond as a retreat and conference center, while being a blessing to the local community. Imagine bringing your group to this place with such deep heritage! (See details below.) There is great need for facilities like this in the region and we’ll create jobs, opportunities along with the facilities (accommodation, meeting rooms, food, sports and swimming) for everyone to benefit from. We’ll be able to create positive purpose for the property in this fresh season, as a sustainable Christian non-profit organization which can positively impact all who come from near and far.

Quick Facts

  • 37.5 acre property
  • 11 key historic buildings remain
  • 2,500+ seat auditorium and prayer tower
  • Cafeteria building
  • Dorms, apartments and RV facilities
  • Healing rooms, classrooms and study hall
  • Existing water and road infrastructures
  • All able to be saved and need urgent restoration

Who will benefit from the Oasis Center?

Christian & Business Groups

Groups will be able to book and come for conferences, and retreats for mens groups, womens groups, church families and more.

Local Community

We’ll open the doors to our facilities for locals to enjoy and give a percentage of our annual proceeds into the town and county to meet practical needs.

History Enthusiasts

A. A. Allen, revival and Miracle Valley history enthusiasts will be welcomed to our heritage hall, property walks and other facilities.

Oasis Center facilities we’ll build and restore.

Infographic Render of Center
Render of Center

Oasis Center will have a variety of activities and resources for all including…

You can partner with us to make this vision a reality and in doing so, preserve a significant piece of Christian history.

Sow into restoring the historic A. A. Allen property for God’s mandate today and creating one of the world’s largest Pentecostal and Evangelical library and museums.

View our presentation to learn more and get involved before it’s too late. We have a small window to quickly raise funds and ask you to prayerfully consider how you can sow into what God is doing and who you can share this with.

Restoration Timeline

God spoke to Rebekah (Allen) Jones (our organization president) in 2022 and said it’s time to take the land back and recover all. So, that’s what we’re doing and we need your help! 

Consider what it would mean if your child or grandchild could stay at and walk through a property which would tell them all about what God is capable of, while enabling them to encounter Him for themselves in a fresh way. Sow into that vision and let’s do this together!

Our team of skilled experts have poured over the realistic numbers to fully acquire, restore, improve and build so we’re able to save this property and give it a new season which enables connection, growth and impact.

Save & Purchase

Phase 1

  • Raise $3.6M
  • Startup nonprofit
  • Stop demolition
  • Create strategy
  • Legal work
  • Historical register listing
  • Fundraising
  • Build team
  • Purchase property
  • Purchase archives
Infrastructure & Preservation

Phase 2

  • Raise $7.8M
  • Tabernacle Exterior
  • Historic Preservation
  • Sitework
  • Infrastructure
  • RV Hookup Grounds
Facilities & Heritage Center

Phase 3

  • Raise $6M
  • In Prayer Tower & Foyer
  • Cafeteria
  • Meeting Hall
  • Residences
  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Heritage Center
Accommodation & Recreation

Phase 4

  • Raise $5.6M
  • Dormitories
  • Activity Buildings
  • Tabernacle Interior
  • Pool House & Cafe
  • Recreation & Swimming
  • Event Barn
  • Landscaping
  • Community Garden
  • Prep For Opening
Opening Day!
  • Thank you for helping us open the doors to the Miracle Valley Oasis and Heritage Centers!


We need people, businesses, organizations and church of bold faith to partner with us financially for this miracle in Miracle Valley. Be one of those who give before we enter the promised land and watch God pour out a blessing that none of us can contain! Now is the time. We are positioned to purchase and confident that with your support, God will help us to take the land and recover all as He has mandated us to do. You can see in our footer that your donations will be tax deductible to a fully compliant non-profit with accountability and transparency built in. We're excited to partner with you at this critical moment before the sale which is due to happen very soon!

Miracle Valley Oasis Center